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Wednesday, February 12

Related to the idea of withholding "junk books" is the idea that there is other "junk" (TV and Video Games) that fills up the mind and leaves no appetite for more "nutritious" ideas.

I've read that the reason people like sugar so much is because it a signal that something, fruit, was good for them (or maybe people who preferred sweet things ate fruit and survived and had more offspring since fruit was good for them and helped them to be healthier). Now that sugar can be separated from fruit, the fondness for sweets can't be entirely trusted. A person could eat and enjoy pure sugar or other foods made with sugar but miss out on important nutrients that are found in fruit. Therefore, a person might be healthier if they stuck to eating unprocessed foods. On the other hand, they might take advantage of this knowledge to make healthier foods taste even better or to make better tasting foods healthier.

Does this analogy hold with learning and enjoyment? Did "enjoyment" lead people to do things (learning and creating) which were good for them and helped them survive and procreate? Do TV, Video Games, and poorly written books offer enjoyment without learning and creativity?

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