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Wednesday, June 25

I was going through my old data cd's and found something I wrote for my company's homepage (no longer in business):

Who we Are:
We're a brand new computer and network service company with a few old-fashioned ideas about service -- you know, things like quality, promptness, competitive pricing, and did I mention quality?

The company may be new, but our staff have been working with computers for a number of years. All of us started at about age 9 with a TRS 80, Commodore 64, or TI 99 and continued through the DOS era, the Windows era, and now the Windows 95/NT era. We also enjoy variety and have worked with other operating systems such as Linux, OS/2, and Novell. For "fun" we set up a small network in our own home. We are now up to 7 computers plus a "guest" spot for our friends who want to bring over a computer to join us in our frequent Quake 2 battles....

Oh No! I actually remember when you ran the company, it brings back memories. Too bad it went away. :(

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Posted By: Leo 6/25/2003 9:47:15 AM

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