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Tuesday, June 24

I'm trying to figure out which language and editor to learn. You see, I want to make an AI program/bot. Perl, C, and Python have all been suggested as languages. Vi and Emacs have been suggested as editors (although personally, I'm wondering why I can't just use notepad). It'd be nice to be able to program for Windows, so I'll have to figure out some way to get cheap/free compilers/interpreters for all those. So far I haven't had much luck getting gcc stuff to work.

You can find the M$ SDK here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/howtoget.aspx#section3

It should get you started with being able to write programs in Microsoft Windows as well as making forms or console applications.

After you''ve downloaded the SDK and have it properly installed you can then create your first Windows application.

So whip out your favorite text editor (notepad works) and then type in the following code:


namespace MyNamespace
public class MyForm : System.Windows.Forms.Form
public MyForm()
this.Text = "Hello Form";

public static void Main()
System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(new MyForm());

After you’ve done that, save the file as MyForm.cs and you’re ready to compile it by opening a command prompt using the following:

Start -> Run -> then typing in:
cmd /k "c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio .net\Common7\tools\vsvars32.bat"

After you''ve done that, all you need to do to compile it is:

csc MyForm.cs /reference:System.dll /reference:System.Windows.Forms.dll

Then run the exe and you should have a form displayed.

It''s that easy!

Hopefully all the code and syntax formats correctly. I would defiantly recommend getting a good book though, so that you can learn Object Orientated Programming and all that jazz.

Also remember, program in a language that you’re happy programming in, You can pick anything you want, C, C++, C#, VB, COBOL, Perl, PHP, Python, Fortran, you name it, as long as you can understand how to program you can program in any language!


I hope this formats right.

Posted By: marly 6/25/2003 5:40:01 PM

If you want to program for Windows, I would suggest the Windows .NET SDK, its free, comes with a compiler, and you can use notepad. In addition, you can get Microsoft Visual Studio as well which is a tad expensive, but it comes with an IDE and all that jazz. Seek me out if you wish to learn more.

Posted By: marly 6/25/2003 8:33:54 AM

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