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Monday, July 21

New Taking Children Seriously blog
I am very curious to see how the new Taking Children Seriously blog turns out. I haven't managed to keep up with it, but from what I've skimmed, it looks good.

Why I don't actually read blogs much
Personally, I prefer to be able to pick articles on a site according to subject (one reason why, although I write this blog for my amusement, I don't actually READ them much). I have figured out that if I skim a lot, I can skip right to subjects that interest me. Still, it would be a nice feature if they could be sorted by subject or indexed. The one blog I actually consistently read is Austin's. It's updated just infrequently enough that I can keep up with it and frequently enough that I don't often go to it only to find there are no updates. Also, I find his particular combination of style, variety of topics, and arrogance entertaining.

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