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Monday, September 8

Elliot is offering 3 links to anyone who votes for/links to Virtue Pure's site for some blog contest. I'm not looking for links, but here's my vote:

Virtue Pure: On Roleplaying

Virtue Pure posts tend to be a bit longer than my attention span can normally withstand, and I am not especially fond of roleplaying, but I thought the article helped me look at ideas in an interesting new way.

Roleplaying seems like it should be a very fun and interesting form of entertainment and a great way to learn, but it is hard to get the most out of it when one is self-conscious about playing a role. I can enjoy it briefly with young children - who for some reason do NOT make me feel self-conscious. (How can I be self-conscious with people who so obviously delight in whatever attempt I make and join in so enthusiastically?)

I also have a hard time buying into the character or setting for very long or caring at all what happens to them (and should I care, it always seems that something bad is happening to them ;P ) Perhaps it's a matter of practice? Anyhow, good luck to Virtue Pure.

Apparently, it is allowed to vote twice for a blog, so here's my other vote:
Virtue Pure: On Roleplaying

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