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Wednesday, September 3

In the news

I have decided to set about correcting the tendency of mine to avoid news. I am still thinking about what sources I should ultimately look to in order to become more informed about current events. For now, I will be browsing Fox News.


I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I was surprised to see the U.S. is handing over partial control of Iraq to Poland. You see, I had forgotten that the war was likely over *blush*. I haven't managed to avoid the news completely, so I remember something about Saddam and his son being killed or missing in action. I don't remember the details.

I find it interesting that so many of the deaths of U.S. soldiers have happened since President Bush ended the major fighting. My first impulse was to be happy to see that so few Americans have died (compared to other wars or even compared to people dying in violent crimes in America, likely), but then I thought about the 248 people whose friends and family are now mourning them. :(

I suppose one could think of all the families who are NOT now mourning the loss of their loved ones.

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