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Wednesday, November 26

I'm a bit behind on reading Aaron's blog. His November 17th post is somewhat relevant to my posts yesterday.

Ok, so since I am back on this topic that I feel pretty clueless about...

Woty pointed out an interesting comment by Kolya

Tuesday, November 25

I had such fun writing that last post that I'm motivated to write another. (Whether I can stand to leave them up and not give in to the temptation to delete them is another matter).

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to post various ideas that seem common and also wrong.

"Holding particular mistaken ideas means that a person is bad."
Elliot seems to think it's important to stand up for one's values publicly. I'm skeptical about this - that it's anyone's business what my views are unless I want to share them. As I see it, my goal is to get my ideas straight in my own mind and that might be undermined if I were to open myself up to attacks from people. My idea is that I gain knowledge better and faster by challenging my ideas and growing them in areas that interest me or that are relevant to me.

Of course, it is good to encourage others to get better ideas, but I'm more interested in doing this on a one-on-one basis. My experiences with sharing my views with mass numbers of people have not been positive ones. It is too tempting for me to keep defending my original idea (even after I think it's wrong) in that sort of adverserial situation. Perhaps some people don't have that difficulty... I'm not so fortunate yet.

I don't think I have many readers here, though, so I don't mind posting and experimenting with the idea of being more public about my views.

1) jews are people
2) some jews are good people
3) anti-semites hate all jews
4) anti-semites hate some good people
5) hating good people is bad
6) anti-semitism is bad
7) lots of jew haters try to murder jews, and other jew haters defend the murderous ones
8) murder is bad
9) defending badness is bad
10) some people use moral relativism to avoid defending the jews.
11) such people are bad

something's missing, namely:

"not defending good people is bad"

There's probably more that is missing, but it's that one which I have some difficulty with. It sounds good, right, but I've got some questions about it.

Which people are good?
Which people should one defend first?
What level of importance should be attached to this declaration?
Is this moral obligation something that includes very public verbal defense of good people?
Does it require risking one's life? One's privacy?
Is there a time factor? Should one spend an hour a day? Two? Eight?
Should it come before providing time, attention and/or help to one's children? One's spouse or close friends?

Friday, November 14

More books!
I want more - as if I had room. My shelves are packed, I'm trying to part with as many as I can, and yet my Amazon list is growing! Some very nice person gave me a gift certificate for B&N, so now I have an excuse to bring one or more into my home. The question is, what book is worthy of shelf space?
3rd Harry Potter Trailer
Yay! It's here! Unfortunately the movie isn't coming out until Summer 2004. It's still my favorite book, and I hope the movie halfway lives up to it.