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My ideas are constantly changing as I learn. Sometimes they even change midway through writing a post.

Thursday, February 5

Rapidly Changing Ideas
One of the reasons I have had trouble getting around to writing much here is that my ideas change quickly as I find and correct mistakes and encounter new ideas. Sometimes, the very act of writing will inspire me to completely change my mind about a subject and disagree with what I've JUST written! That means, many of my posts get deleted before I can even post them. Is there any point in posting such a thing?

As for the ideas that survive me hitting the "post & publish" button, it bothered me that people might be misled by such mistakes and it was frustrating to fix them on the blog.

I've changed my mind about that. I have made no claim to omniscience or infallibility here. Even if Ihad, people should be responsible for their own thoughts.

I am still a little wary of posting some of my views publicly and part of me hopes not too many people ever notice this blog.

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