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Monday, March 8

One Hot Mama

We got cable turned back on a few weeks ago. I don't quite remember how the channels are arranged, so I was flipping through them to figure them out when I got to the one with country music videos.

It struck me as odd because it starts off with a woman working out on an exercise bike. She looks pretty normal, but then you see the (male) singer, also dressed pretty normal except his cowboy hat.

I didn't watch long enough to see the name of the song, but he sang about her wanting to fit in the jeans she had when she was 17 and how she feels like she is just the woman with the kids. There are scenes of her dealing with the kids and being a bit frazzled mixed in with scenes of her (I think) in skimpy/revealing clothing or lingerie and acting sexy. He sings about how he sees her as being "One Hot Mama".