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Saturday, November 13

American in London

Well, ok, it's not quite London. It's a teeny weeny little village in England called Frome (rhymes with broom). It's lovely. I suppose one could get tired of the nearly constant grey skies and drizzle, but, hey, I'm from Texas... Austin, Texas. Clouds and drizzle are actually a nice break from the mostly sunny, dry weather I've had all my life. At least when it rains here, one doesn't tend to get totally soaked.

One thing I really like here is the service... or lack of it. I can walk into a store and be totally ignored! I love it! I've always hated being pestered with "Hello!" and "May I help you?" Saves me from losing my train of thought.. which I've now forgotten. Oh yes, if I do want help, I can ask for it. I can think of only one shop in 10 where that was necessary and maybe one shop where someone actually greeted me. That's 8 unwanted interactions avoided!

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