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Thursday, November 25

Setting The World To Rights

I just added a link for Setting The World To Rights.

"...we believe in liberty as an essential human value, and would like to see the abolition of victimless crimes (especially the fun ones)."

"...we are not barking mad idiotarians who think that everything any government does is by definition wrong, or that the US government is just as bad as every mass-murdering aggressive dictatorship in sight – or, for that matter, France."

"We believe in the right of self-defence, including the right to kill someone who is about to kill us or who puts us in serious danger..."

"...we do not believe in increased ‘discipline’ in schools"

"...we are in favour of abortion rights, we think Bill Clinton should not have been impeached, we are enthusiastically in favour of stem cell research, and we are nauseated by the very idea of insisting that children be taught the Creationist myth as if it were fact."

"We hate... communism, fascism, Islamofascism, Wahhabism, Eurofederalism, nationalism, idiotarianism, anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, terrorism, racism..."

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