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Thursday, November 18

World Reacts to Hassan Murder

I hadn't heard about this
murder until I saw the headline. In case you haven't seen my previous posts on news and politics, I tend to find them boring.

I was thinking about this boringness when I came to realize that it's not so much boring as that there's just too much going on to keep track of it all and to even know what to think of it.

Murder is easy though. It's easy to think of murder as bad. I'm not sure what good it does to point to the news article and say that. I don't think it's controversial. Apparently some do though, otherwise this murder wouldn't have happened. That, or some people don't mind being bad.

Anyways... onto the quote:

Political leaders and relatives expressed shock and anger over the fate of Hassan, who was renowned for her 30 years of work in Iraq, distributing medicine, food and supplies to Iraqis suffering under the sanctions of the 1990s.

This statement was a bit confusing. It says she worked in Iraq for 30 years, but also mentions the 1990s. It's only been 14 years since 1990. I guess they mean that she's worked for 30 years including the time when sanctions were imposed. Regardless, it sounds like she'd been doing a lot of good, nice things for Iraqi people.

British officials say they believe Hassan was a blindfolded woman seen being shot in the head by a hooded militant on a video obtained but not aired by the Arab television station Al-Jazeera. She would be the first foreign woman to die in the wave of kidnappings in Iraq. No group has claimed responsibility.

This is definitely not good. Well, it could be if there was a mistake and the blindfolded woman was actually a mass-murderer. Even then, it's hard to feel like it's "good". Necessary, maybe, but not good. It might be "good" that a murderer was stopped from harming more people, but bad that there was a murderer in the first place... Overall, things aren't good if mass people have been murdered. And now I'm just rambling off topic...

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