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Thursday, December 23

Developing Interest - CogNews

I've thought a lot about various career fields over the years and still have yet to find anything that really holds my interest for long. I can get totally absorbed in a subject and trying to solve some problem about it at times, but once the problem's solved, I'm sick of the subject.

I've decided to approach this from a different direction. Instead of looking for something to interest me, I'm now attempting to interest myself in something and keep myself interested in it. Programming AIs is one possibility that I've mentioned before. I'm told there's not much money in it and it's rather tedious. That's definitely a danger signal, but maybe there's some angle or aspect of it that really would hold my interest. I have managed to stay interested in learning and how it works for a long time without much effort. It seems related to modeling the mind, so I decided to start browsing in that area first.

One of the first sites I found was CogNews. It's where I found out about the "Lying" article. All of the headlines looked appealing, so that's a good sign. I'll be curious to see how well this approach works.

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