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Tuesday, December 14

Java AI Blog of AI4U Textbook Artificial Intelligence

I've been working on programming a bit, and I think I might like to get into AI programming. I'm a very beginner on the subject and not a very experienced programmer and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the mountain of stuff I need to learn to actually do anything useful. Piddling in writing Hello World just seems so far from real programming. It was fun when I managed to make a really simple blog program that was connected to a database. I had some help with that, though, and I didn't fully understand all of what I was doing. I've been trying to go back and study basics more before attempting another bigger project.

I was hoping that browsing around and reading about the subject would inspire me more. I found this Java AI page, but I think it made me feel even more overwhelmed. Maybe I need to do a bit of heavier programming every day to keep feeling like I'm actually getting somewhere. It's just that I'm such a perfectionist, I want my projects to have some brilliant design before I start. Then I never start. I've been thinking maybe breaking apart some more complex programs would be fun and interesting. I could modify it to do something slightly different and learn a lot and actually make it DO something useful. But first... I think I need to go outside and run about in.. err, I mean rake some leaves... *smile*

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