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Tuesday, December 21

Morality - Comments - Individuals and Society

I have been pretty busy and tired the last few days, but I wanted to post something so I started digging through old drafts to see if I could turn them into something. I really thought I'd shared these comments before, but I can't find them. Either I never remembered to post them to the blog or it's been so long that I can't remember. They seem like interesting ideas, so I thought I'd go ahead and post them. I had been asking, basically, why an individual shouldn't be "selfish" whenever they could "get away with it".

Maybe because the growth of any human individual is invested to some extent in the growth of everyone else on the planet. Goodness is like money, it grows as it spreads. One person being hurt causes the creativity of the whole planet to go downn a little immediately, and more as the hurt is spread.
Alice | Email | Homepage | 02.12.04 - 7:23 am | #

So it's not self v. others, we just think that is a deep polarisation: actually it's an extreme *situation* that comes up less and less.
Alice | Email | Homepage | 02.12.04 - 7:24 am | #

I particularly like this response. Somehow it sounds more serious and important to think that one is either increasing or decreasing the creativity of the planet.

A society is made up of individuals. It seems arbitrary to ignore the rest of the society... so long as you live within one, you need to take it into account.

Within that framework, I don't see how you can disregard the fact that initiation of force is simply not good for YOU, regardless of actual repercussions. The sort of post-apocalyptic every-man-for-himself society that would create is not a place anyone strives to live.
Dan | Homepage | 02.14.04 - 1:15 am | #

I'd say a bit more, but I can hardly keep my eyes open....