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Tuesday, December 21

Random thoughts about video games

After all the hours I spent leveling a character in DAOC, I was amused to find that people were paying up to $300 for a virtual character. It seemed silly to miss out on the experience of leveling. Thinking back on it, though, the leveling stopped being fun in itself early on. After that, most of the fun was in exploring the game and interacting with people. There were some activities (relic raids) that weren't really possible until a character was completely leveled. If one considered the number of hours it took to get to level 50, the amount of time one would save might be well worth the money.

Paying $26,500 for virtual land, though, seems a bit excessive.

Then again, it seems that the purchaser is already getting tenants and might make back the money in the long run. Also, if the person can afford $26,500 to play a game, maybe he doesn't really need my advice anyways.

I have sometimes thought that video games might someday take the place of sports. I'm not sure if that's the case, but I don't know that even the best season tickets for a football team cost as much as that virtual land.

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