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Sunday, December 26

Sources of Ignorance - Truth is Manifest

I've been re-reading the introduction, "Sources of Knowledge and of Ignorance", from Conjectures and Refutations by Karl Popper.

I think it's a useful perspective to think about how ignorance can actually be created, generated, or encouraged by particular ideas. It seems that sometimes an idea can both help to generate lots of knowledge growth and ignorance at the same time.

Popper starts off by talking about the idea that Truth is Manifest. In other words, truth, although possibly difficult to unveil is "obvious". This contributed to knowledge growth by giving people new hope that knowledge of truth was open to human reason.

It contributed to ignorance somewhat indirectly. Sometimes people didn't see the "truth" as obvious. One explanation for this failure to see the obvious was a sinful nature - that people were actively refusing to see truth. As I remember it, Popper further discusses the problem with this belief and how it contributes to ignorance.

I look forwad to reading the rest very much.

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