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Friday, December 10


Ok, here's some really yucky stuff from that Brats! page.

"Well I had two sons with a long gap in between them. My first one had the terrible two's tantrums, stomping of feet etc.,

my younger child didn't get a chance to do it. My mother was visiting and we were cleaning in the kitchen when number two son stood in the doorway and went to stamp his feet. My mother said "oh no you don't, we had enough with your older brother young man," and let him have it with a pan full of cold water right in his face.

He never completed that tantrum and he never did it again. sharp cold shock cured him.

Seems like some of these parents now need to do a similar sort of thing to stop these monstrous brats we are subjected to these days.

Rainboweagle "

Hopefully someday there won't be parents who treat their children like that.

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