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Monday, February 7


Quality is stuck in my head. I was reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values. It comes across as a sort of fundamental answer or question. I don't think I quite understand what it's supposed to mean. He (the author) talks about it being undefinable and how attempts to define it take one off track and prevent one from really getting at it. It didn't seem like such an important idea - at least not so important as it seems to be to the author. I think quality is a thing well done. How well? I don't know. What does it mean to do a thing well? That depends on the problems one is trying to solve. What problems should one solve? The important ones. Which are the important ones?

One idea that I enjoyed running across in the book was the idea of lateral drift. It was the idea that when one is stuck on a question or problem, it can be good to just let go and do or think of other things. Things that don't necessarily seem related.

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