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Saturday, June 25

The Art of Introspection

It's the name of a little pamphlet I once read (to be honest, I lost track of how many times I read it). It talked about being aware of one's emotions and the reasons for them and not letting the emotions themselves drive one's decisions. This is presuming that emotions arise from thoughts - some of which we're not very aware - and can also be changed as our thoughts change. Of course, this is easier said than done. One can be quite aware of an emotion, aware of the thoughts that they arise from, believe that the thoughts are wrong, and yet still not be able to get rid of them. Then one is stuck feeling the same way while knowing that this conflicts with what one actually thinks.

I suspect that in reality, there are more ideas that are at the root of the problem. It can be incredibly difficult to uncover them. Often, they are ideas that one has taken for-granted for so long that gaining awareness of them is very difficult. It might take someone else who doesn't take the same for-granted to help one become aware of such ideas.

I really started out writing this thinking that one can get so caught up in introspection that one doesn't have time for much else. Now I see that it has uncovered a sort of assumption that I've made about people. I've assumed that seemingly intelligent people should be especially self aware. This seems like a mistake. People have a wide variety of interests and self awareness may not be one of those interests for some people.

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