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Friday, June 3

Fashion and Style

This is not a topic I ever thought to address in writing, but circumstances are such that I've developed a slight curiosity about the topic. When I'm curious about something, I tend to research and study it pretty intensely until I'm sick of the subject and move on. Lately, though, I've been enjoying a different approach. Instead of wolfing down a subject in one huge meal, I'm finding that I like to try a bite at a time, savoring each bit of knew knowledge and thinking about what I'd like to try next.

I started off with a few searches like "Fashion 101" and "+Fashion +Style". I found plenty of pictures and discussions about current fashion but nothing with more depth or general information. After a few more search attempts, I finally hit on About.com.

I should have tried it first, really, because I've generally had good luck with finding information on that site. A friend said I should always check Wikipedia first. I forgot. I'll try it later.

Anyway, back to fashion. After browsing through an article about wardrobe essentials and general tips for picking clothes that will hold up through fashion changes, I went through a list of new looks. They didn't look particularly exciting or unattatractive. I admit, I'm biased a bit against the idea of "fashion" or trying to be "fashionable", but this quote shocked me:

"If you're like many women, and you don't like your arms, then shrugs are perfect for you. They can cover those nasty areas that we try to hide. "

Do women really put up with that kind of stuff? I know I'm not especially attractive, but I don't think any part of my body is "nasty". I tried to think of some nicer way to say the same thing - like "They can cover up your less attractive.. " bleh. Maybe "A shrug can be the perfect way to cover your arms." Leave it to individuals to decide what reasons they might have for covering up. Then again, I suppose one could look at it as an attempt to make women with "nasty" arms feel understood - feel like they're not alone in their fate. I'm just point that out because I try to find the good in everything. Really, though, I wouldn't pick "nasty" as a word to try to put someone at ease about some aspect of themselves they're sensitive about.

I'll definitely be looking into this subject again soon, but for now, I think I'd like to focus on a few other unrelated posts in the works.

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