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Tuesday, June 21

Literalness in dreams and Tornado!

Something happened to me a few years ago that seems to have affected my dreams - or at least my recall of them. Before, I rarely had nightmares (that I remembered). Now, I have them frequently. One thing I noticed, even in the past, is that they're very literal.

The one I woke up with this morning had been rather frightening. I looked up and noticed a commotion - people were whispering things in horrified voices... "Oh my God! I think he's dead..." I saw that someone was carrying a child whose body was twisted in an impossible way. I realized, to my horror, that I recognized the clothes and then the child - he was mine. My first thought was denial. Specifically, I thought, "He can't be dead. Maybe he's playing a trick." As soon as I thought that, he sat up and giggled. "Haha, fooled you." Then I could breathe again.

It's not uncommon for my dreams to work that way. They change according to what I think. If I'm afraid of something and "think" it, that's what happens, but also, if I think of something I want to happen, it does.

One time I dreamed that I heard my (kid) sister screaming loudly from outside. She can be very dramatic and loud, so I had the thought "She's screaming like she got her head cut off!" I went outside and there was her head, upright on the ground screaming loudly. Her body was standing next to it. There was no blood. My brother (in the dream) asked "What should I do?" I said matter-of-factly, "Duh, put her head back on and tie it there." He puts her head back on (still screaming) and ties it with a ribbon. I then wondered how I'd explain this to my parents... I think I woke up. It was a very disturbing dream to me but also oddly funny.

In other dreams, I've thought things like, "I hope I don't fall" and, of course, then I trip. I might think I'm afraid a tornado might be coming, and of course when I look out, there's one headed right for my house. I have to admit, part of me is fascinated with weather and especially tornados, so I would actually WANT to see one (but not coming at me!)

Speaking of the tornados, they've actually been a frequent nightmare even though the one times I saw one in real life, I didn't feel as frightened as I do in my dreams. I was 12 years old and it had been raining and hailing most of the day. Then the sky cleared up quite a bit and some of my family was admiring the view. I lived out in a mostly treeless area where one could see a particularly long way and one could even see the sunset and sunrise unobstructed. Someone who was looking out said something like, "Hey, what's that?!" I took one look and knew immediately. A tornado touching down! My thoughts were something like "Oh my gosh! Wow, that's so cool! This is so exciting!!" It was a mile or 2 away, I think. Then I thought something like "Hmm, better get out of here... gotta make sure to bring my flute. Where ARE my shoes?" After trying 3 locked doors on the first car, I got in my family's second car and everyone else followed. My dad grabbed his camera, and we drove off in a direction that would supposedly take us away from the path of the tornado. By then I was starting to be slightly worried. My dad stopped the car up the hill and snapped a picture. We all yelled at him to hurry up. He finally got back in and for a few moments it looked like the road was taking us TOWARD the tornado. I think what was more scary was the way the sky turned dark and dusty and greenish. Plus, we were driving around in a tree filled area, so it was hard to see what direction we were going in. Eventually, we got where we were sure we were clear. As it turns out, the tornado didn't go near our place.

I was well aware, even then, that a car wasn't exactly the best place to be if a tornado comes one's way. I used to spend quite a lot of time thinking about what we should do. Our house had no real "foundation". It was up on blocks - hardly a safe place. There were large ditches near the road. I'd read that one should get in a ditch, so I thought that would be the logical choice. I didn't like the idea of getting in there with all the weeds and bugs and possible snakes, but then I thought maybe I could drag some extra blankets out with me. I also thought up alternate plans for if it was too close to run out to the ditches - like getting inside the bathtub with mattresses covering us to protect us from debris. I wasn't sure why I so calmly went along with my dad's plan. I knew that's what he'd do, I knew he wouldn't listen to me, and I maybe I didn't really want to waste precious time arguing with him. Besides, I thought we could see it well enough (at first) to stop and get out if it came too close... Now that I've had fun with that tangent, I'll save the rest of my thoughts about dreams for another time.

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