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Saturday, June 11

Special Dark discontinued

They're closing out my favorite chocolate bar out at my local grocery store. It's not just my favorite. I really don't like anything else except Reese's Peanut Butter cups. If I want chocolate and peanut butter together, though, I really prefer some of my Special Dark melted and then stirred together with real peanut butter. I also like that fancy Ghiradeli semi-sweetened cocoa powder mixed with peanut butter, but it's just so expensive.

I hope this doesn't mean it's not going to be produced anymore. I couldn't find any news about it on the Hershey website. I can't stand Nestle, and I don't really want to have to pay for fancy chocolate (if I can even find any that I like). The only "regular" chocolate I really enjoy was called Bourneville (Cadbury), I think, sold in England. Even if Special Dark is still going to be made, this is bad news for me because it's difficult to find. The grocery store only sold it in very huge bars. I've seen it at some convenience stores and at Fry's (not many of those yet, but I happened to live very near one). I'll have to make a run and stockpile them I guess. I don't have the need for lots of it, but I like a little daily if I can get it. Sometimes I'll make myself get out of the habit for a while, but then I seem to really get a craving for it and go wild and get back in the habit. Maybe it's just better to stick with small amounts daily.

Speaking of chocolate, I accidently found a hand lotion that smells faintly like cocoa. I believe it's called Palmer's Skin Success Moisturizing Lotion with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. When I first put it n, I thought it smelled like food, but I couldn't figure out what food. It was a little unsettling because I suddenly felt like I wanted the food, whatever it was. I finally looked at the label and saw the "cocoa" and realized that it smelled like chocolate! I think I rather like the idea although I may switch again to avoid chocolate cravings ;) .

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