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Saturday, June 11

Wikipedia Fashion

Fashions are social psychology phenomena common to many fields of human activity and thinking.
Aaahh. This is already more interesting than clothes. It's not that clothes are boring. I have ideas about what I think looks good or not. I even sometimes prefer to wear things that are fashionable (popular) iff (if and only if) I like them. I can sew a bit, too, so sometimes I get ideas about what "fashions" I'd like to see exist and try to make them. I don't usually complete them (some of the stuff I like is time consuming to make). Maybe I should just find a good seamstress. Then again, I've found that I might just have to spend more money if I'm going to have anything I actually like (beyond tshirts and jeans).

The European idea of fashion as a personal statement rather than a cultural expression begins in the 16th century: ten portraits of German or Italian gentlemen may show ten entirely different hats.

I like this.

There's more about cultural limits and influence on fashion. Personally, I'd prefer to see less uniformity. It was difficult to find anything I could stand to look at until I went to the pricier stores. Even then, there was less decent looking stuff to choose from with all the "trendy" stuff filling up the racks. I keep waiting for the seventies look to go away again, but it's hanging in there still. There's always next year...

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