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Wednesday, June 1

Writing and Drawing

I miss writing. I wish I had more profound things to
offer readers, but really, when it comes down to it, I
do this because I like to write. There's something
soothing about the act of writing, and seeing my
thoughts helps me make better sense of them. Sometimes
it helps me to see that particular thoughts just don't
make sense. It maybe be confusing to read since I
don't know before I start how my thoughts are going to
evolve. Of course, I don't know how they're going to
evolve anyway.

I'm often tempted to say lots about myself personally,
but then I'd be worried about this revealing too much
private information about other people. For now, I'll
have to stick with only publishing stuff that I'm
pretty sure won't reveal much about anyone else.

One of my favorite ways to write is the old-fashioned
pen and paper way. I love the feel of the pen on
paper. I have terrible handwriting. It's readable
usually, and sometimes, if I really take my time, I
can make it look "nice". It just doesn't look very
"neat" or pretty. I've sometimes thought that maybe I
should take up drawing more seriously, just because I
enjoy the physical act of writing so much.

Once I found some good books on the subject of
drawing, I have managed to make some reasonably good
copies of other simple drawings and even a few decent
drawings of objects and hands and faces of people.
Faces are especially difficult. I can get an eye or a
nose or a cheek to look right, but then I don't quite
have them all together in the right place and looking
like they're being viewed from the same angle. I
assume that would come with practice.

I was just going to say that I'm not skilled enough to
think of something creative and new to draw, but then
I remembered something. I know someone who seems less
skilled than me yet manages to come up with all kinds
of creative ideas about what to draw. Perhaps I should
try that approach and work on skill separately.

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