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Thursday, July 28

Looking for a new name for my blog

I tried to do a search to see where I came up on Google. I couldn't fine me, but I found a lot of other sites by the same name. I added a few to my sidebar for fun, but I think I'd like a more unique name for my blog.


MC said...

How about 'luminescence' -- it's quite similar.

Becky said...

It does have a similar meaning, I think. I liked the idea of emitting or reflecting light(knowledge/understanding). Luminescence seems to be a particular type of Luminosity. I like that it fits with my name a bit too. I thought maybe a very different name, though, would encourage me to have another perspective.

At the moment though, I feel like a zombie with a headache and I can't think straight. (Bizarre geeky/nerdy thing to think up, I know).