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Sunday, July 3

More on being Self-conscious

It seems, in a way, that self-consciousness is misnamed. It's really about being concerned about others. I think it's "excessive" concern about how others might perceive one. I guess in that case, it would be something different than what I was thinking about in my previous post. I was thinking of it as concern about how others might perceive one. This is leaving it open as to whether the concern is "excessive" or is actually a valid level of concern to have. I think it would be hard to tell whether a particular person is excessively concerned without knowing them and their environment very well. I think even in such a case, the person could be aware of this problem and still feel/act excessively concerned due to a lack of knowledge about how to change his behavior. A person could get in the habit of being other-concerned when it might be appropriate to be so and continue acting so even when it's no longer appropriate. If this is confusing to you, don't worry, I'm having trouble keeping track of my train of thought here too.

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