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Tuesday, August 2

Idea Vaccines and a Source of Ignorance - Fear

Originally, I posted this as a comment on Livejournal, but I'd like to be able to reference it more easily, so here it is:

Idea Vaccines

I have been thinking about this idea for a long time. What sort of ideas could be protective? I know of some people who call ideas that one can't seem to be open to giving up - in spite of good reasons/evidence it should be given up - "entrenched".

Sometimes "entrenched" is also used to mean an idea established early on or in a subtle way such that one isn't even aware of it. It intereferes with the growth of knowledge because one doesn't even have enough awareness of it to examine it.

I haven't come up with specific ideas that could be put into a phrase or something, but I have wondered if developing an attitude of skepticism could be good. The drawback I see with that is that sometimes a good idea might seem very counterintuitive and bad until you hear the whole thing and try it out. I think skeptics sometimes miss out on good things by dismissing ideas too easily.

Another problem is that questioning one's ideas can have frightening implications. The implications might include "I'm bad" for acting on bad ideas, or giving up the comfort of thinking one will exist forever (in giving up a belief in god/soul), or that being "good" will be painful and boring and miserable. Of course, I think some of it is just a generalized fear of the unknown.

Well, I think I've rambled plenty and haven't read enough of this site to know whether I'm repeating or arguing with other ideas here, so maybe it's a good place to stop.

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