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Monday, August 15

News - Half of All Americans Mentally Ill

Are Half of All Americans Mentally Ill?

A new study by Harvard University and the National Institute of Mental Health (search) claims that 46 percent of all Americans will, at some point in their lives, develop a mental disorder.

This doesn't surprise me given how difficult it is to define. If it's like I suggested, an impairment to healthy functioning (not caused solely by external factors), then I would expect it to be similar to physical illnesses. In fact, 46 percent seems low. I don't imagine that only 46 percent of all Americans every become physically ill in their lifetime. This doesn't mean all of the "illnesses" necessarily need treatment.

But this new statistic has experts arguing over exactly what constitutes a true mental illness.

Good. It seems important to figure this out.

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jomama said...

If you put enough shrinks on the task,
they'll find insanity in the way some
people take a piss.

Forget it. We're all a bit crazy.

What, me worry?