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Wednesday, August 31

Positive Atheism

I haven't seriously thought about religion vs. atheism in a long time. Early on after I decided I wasn't a Christian, I continued to act as if what I had been taught or figured out about morality up until then (minus the actual belief in the Christian God) was true. Eventually, I investigated other ideas about morality and philosophy and am still learning about them.

I haven't really felt a need to defend my lack of belief. When I gave up my belief, it was because I came to understand that I never had a good reason for believing in the first place. Family members told me it was true, and I didn't really think to question it too much at first. Once I did, I realized I would have never accepted their claims had I been an adult with some experience with the world. Since then, I've considered it up to believers to "prove" their theory that a god exists (or that it's the best theory to believe).

I've investigated some of the common arguments on either side, but after a while of not coming across new ones, I settled into focusing on understanding other philosophical theories.

Recently a friend pointed out Positive Atheism. I assumed it was an attempt to show how atheism can have positive moral ideas "just like religion", but I saved it because I thought it might be fun to review what I think about beliefs and I wondered if the author would have something new to say.

In the preface...
Whereas the script of 1938 took the traditional negative view of atheism and was a polemic in disproving the basis of faith in the existence of god, Positive Atheism lays down the precise atheistic attitude towards several aspects of life.

I'm not sure there's really a singular "atheistic" attitude towards anything, so I'm curious to see what he has to say.

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