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Thursday, September 15

Comments - Legal Assistance

Ipizudic said...
Yes, it's a shame. But realistically, indigent defendants have to rely on lawyers willing to work at rates paid with tax dollars. Since this will always lure the lowest common denominator of trial lawyers to the public trough, it will always be a problem. If lawyers were actual feeling humans, we could simply assign these cases in round robin fashion to ALL practicing lawyers and have them defend the indigents pro bono. Yeah, when monkeys fly outta my butt.

LOL. In medicine, there have come to be "Physician Assistants" who can do a lot of the same things a doctor can but have less education and charge less. I think they usually have to work under the supervision of a doctor. I've sometimes wondered if there might be use for the concept in legal representation. They could be knowledgeable in certain kinds of cases and be willing to charge a bit less since they don't have quite so many years of college loans to pay off. I believe legal secretaries already do a lot of that sort of thing, but I'm not familiar with just how much they're able to do and whether they can have clients independently. Maybe they could handle more of the routine cases and leave the murder cases to more experienced and educated lawyers.

I think I'll add this topic to the ones I want to research more.

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