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Thursday, September 15

Comments - Prisoners watching TV

MC said...

The trick is to make the prisoners earn their stay in prison. They should earn their keep. They should be forced to work 18 hours per day.

To sit around and watch TV all day is easy time. Rehabilitation should teach these offenders that they will never want to return to prison, ever, and their behaviour will be adjusted accordingly.

I think I would agree with the idea of having prisoners work to earn their own keep. I think they already do, to an extent.

I can imagine some logistical problems with it. It might be difficult to manage a self-sustaining farm. There might be security issues. A drought one year could mean they don't eat. They could produce other things to earn their keep and pay for necessities.

I think the idea behind TV's isn't so much for the comfort of the inmates as that having things like that tends to result in fewer riots and problems for the guards. (In other words, it might cost even more NOT to have TVs).

I think if prison is so unpleasant that offenders fear returning, depending on their moral views (or lack of them), they might just put more effort into avoiding getting caught than into avoiding doing wrong things.

I've read that sometimes released prisoners find it difficult to cope with freedom - with all the choices they suddenly have to make. Sometimes I've thought perhaps a sort of anarchy would be a deterrent. They might be grateful for the constraints of civilization after that (then again, they might just be dead, while the most violent offenders end up ruling whoever's left).


Leo said...

Why not help people instead of forcing them do things. Why does a person has to "earn a living", which only means, prove the powerful you are worth their money?

Becky said...

We don't know how to help some prisoners. Programs for "helping" have had little success as far as I know. People with criminal histories are much more likely to commit a crime again. If we knew more about how to do it well, I'd be all for it.

Why should people who haven't done anything to hurt anyone have to work to provide food and shelter to criminals (who HAVE hurt other people)? Why should anyone "have" to work to provide for anyone else? I think that's the alternative to "earning a living" - someone else provide your living. Why should they? I don't mind helping out people who physically can't help themselves or are struggling. I appreciate being helped when I'm struggling, but really, I don't want someone else providing my living for me and I don't want to provide someone's living for them. Do you?

(I could go for decriminalizing a lot of things like drug usage. I'm talking about rapists, thieves, and murderers).