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Wednesday, September 14

The Death Penalty

In short, a woman is scheduled to die tonight for shooting her husband and children to death. There is important evidence and testimony that could exonerate her. Her lawyer failed to make an effort to uncover this. A new law has been passed in Texas for there to be at least minimal competence in lawyers for the defendents of capital murder cases. The facts in her case were presented after court deadlines had expired. That's it. She's dead or she will be barring the governor stepping in.


gon4good said...

Yes, it's a shame. But realistically, indigent defendants have to rely on lawyers willing to work at rates paid with tax dollars. Since this will always lure the lowest common denominator of trial lawyers to the public trough, it will always be a problem. If lawyers were actual feeling humans, we could simply assign these cases in round robin fashion to ALL practicing lawyers and have them defend the indigents pro bono. Yeah, when monkeys fly outta my butt. Let's face it, 99.9% of lawyers are in it for the money. If any type of improvement eventually comes to the plight of defendants who can't afford private legal representation, it certainly won't make it's debut in Republican-controlled Texas, where way too many white voters think defending "those people" isn't all that important anyway. Even Barbara Bush recently said that living on a cot in the Astrodome was a step up the social ladder for most of them, ya know?

MC said...

I was never an advocate of the death penalty. That might be the Canuck in me, since a prisoner has not been executed in Canada since 1962.

I understand the pro-capital punishment side of the coin; it is a cheaper alternative than to imprison a person for the rest of their lives. Prisons cost taxpayers billions of dollars per year. But I still think that the threat of death is not a deterrent. It never has been.

The trick is to make the prosioners earn their stay in prison. They should earn their keep. They should be forced to work 18 hours per day.

To sit around and watch TV all day is easy time. Rehabilitation should teach these offenders that they will never want to return to prison, ever, and their behaviour will be adjusted accordingly.

gon4good said...

Oh don't get me started on prisons. There are 882 miles of Interstate 10 stretching across Texas. I say we take the 500 miles west of Kerrville and build small umbrella-like structures every 40 feet or so, and chain one inmate to each pole, with a chain just long enough that the inmate can't quite reach the next inmate and can barely reach the edge of the access road. Three times daily, a truck drives along the access road and delivers a meal and makes sure each one has water. No TV, no weight-lifting, no nada. Just time. I think we could save a fortune and lower the rate of recidivism.