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Wednesday, September 28

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA's)

I'm doing a bit of research in order to select a gift for my favorite geek. I barely know what this is, let alone how to select one, but I figured I'd start with a description:

Field Programmable Gate Arrays are two dimensional array of logic blocks and flip-flops with a electrically programmable interconnections between logic blocks.

I took a course on Logic some years ago. When I take a course, I promptly forget most of it, so I vaguely remember the term "flip-flop" but not what it means. I also remember AND, OR, NOR, NAND, the concept of "states" and making various arrangements of gates. I loved it, but I've never had much need for that knowledge, so it hasn't stuck around.

The tutorial on that site seems to assume some knowledge I don't have, so I'll do some more digging before I come back to it.

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