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Thursday, September 22


Here's another more personal post although I suppose if I rewrote it a bit, it could be categorized as psychology. I've tried to generalize things like this before, but people seem unable to relate to it. Surely I'm not the only one intolerant in this particular way, but I really don't know how many people have this sort of hangup.

One of the things I'm most intolerant about are mistakes I've made. I admit it. I hate making mistakes. I hate being reminded of them. Seeing other people make similar ones reminds me of them. Their statements and arguments and explanations for their actions sound just like mine used to, only now I think they're wrong and worse, are likely encouraging other people to make the same mistakes. It feels good to argue with them a bit. Instead of being upset with myself, I can be angry with them for a while.

It's not necessarily the most "rational" or "good" reaction. I'm just telling it like it is. I know that mistakes happen, and I should just move on. Then again, I could be wrong about it being a mistake, the source of the mistake, and about what knowledge the other people are speaking from. It could be that they really are able to pull off doing things the way they say simply because they have some extra bit of unspoken knowledge that I don't.

Dwelling over mistakes has some benefits. I could learn that it wasn't a mistake and why. I could help someone else avoid the mistake. I could help someone else minimize damage caused by the mistake. I could minimize the damage I've caused from the mistake.

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