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Thursday, September 8

Keep Austin Weird

I was trying to explain what Keep Austin
really meant. It was difficult to put into words, and it probably means slightly different things to different Austinites.

I think it's a combination of hippie culture and being smack in the middle of Texas. There are lots of "well educated" people, lots of long haired guys, lots of people wearing Birkenstocks (or imitations), live music. There are also some of the nicer qualities associated with Texas (friendliness and courtesy).

There's the Spamarama and Eeyore's Birthday.

I almost forgot to mention the food. It's probably just my biased opinion, but Austin has some fantastic restaurants. My favorite for a long time has been Kerby Lane. It's open 24/7, they have decent Mexican food, breakfast food, and vegetarian selections (not for me,
but nice for friends).

I recommend the Kerby Queso along with some salsa. The salsa isn't really as hot as I'd like, but it really goes well with the queso. I never know what interesting appearance the staff will have - purple hair, piercings, etc. I've recently been less
impressed with the food at one location than I used to be, but I still prefer it to a lot of places. There are magazines devoted to Austin dining, so I won't go into it anymore here right now.

I suppose good food isn't "weird". It's just part of the culture. There's definitely some unusual items available. Hut's Hamburgers, for instance, offers a choice of beef, veggie, or Buffalo burgers. It's not as weird as seeing Alligator on a menu (like in Baton Rouge), but it's definitely unusual.

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gon4good said...

I'm thinking of making t-shirts that say "Keep Austin Weird" on the front, and "I see you're doing your part" on the back.