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Friday, September 2

Nearing 2000 Hits - What prize?

I'm not sure whether to go by the 1542 unique visitors or the 1838 that includes reloads. I'm sure a lot of them are from me. Some are a result of weird days where I get 30 hits in an hour. Someone suggested that has to do with spiders. The spiders must have been hiding before, though, because I've only seen that happen in the last few months - usually after I post a few times in quick succession.

I've been meaning to test that theory.

One blogger offered a prize for being the 2000th visitor. That sounds like a nice idea - a thank you for visiting. However, I don't like the idea of rewarding some random person who accidently found my site and never came back.

I think I'd rather reward my most frequent visitor. Unfortunately, I don't have that information in statistical form although I have a good guess as to which it would be (an advantage to having a very low hit count for a long time). Also, ever since someone set up this blog to feed into Livejournal, I've got a few people reading that way. I can't really track them.

A prize seems like a sort of gift. I'm terrible at picking out gifts. What would be appropriate?

All I can think right now is, "THANK YOU!" I don't know if the most frequent visitor actually reads as much as they visit, but thinking they even "might" read has encouraged me to write a lot more than I might have otherwise. I never realized just how much difference an audience (however small in number) could make. I thought at first that I shouldn't be dependent on an audience to feel motivated. I don't know what to think of that anymore.

Anyway, again, THANK YOU! Ideas for a prize or way to show appreciation welcome.

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MC said...

As for hit counts, I would suggest tracking unique visits rather than page views. The rationale is if you are indeed rewarding the 2000th visitor, and the viewer knows the current hit count, they than can 'hammer' your page until they indeed become the winning visitor.

30 hits in 1 hour is not likely due to spiders. It is likely due to the "next blog" button featured on the blogger navbar featured on the top of the page. Blogger keeps track of recently published blogs. When people are searching for random blogs to read, they often hit the next blog button. Blogger randomly chooses to load a recently published blog. If you check these referrals, they will often say that these visitors navigated from another blogspot address. I have checked these 'referrals' in the past, and have not seen any link to my page, thus I have surmised that it must be due to the 'next blog' function.

As for prizes (gifts), it's often a difficult choice to make. I was going to give you a few suggestions, bu then that gives away ideas for prizes for my contests. ;-)