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Sunday, September 4

Thoughts on Judaism and "An alternative to the spider theory"

30 hits in 1 hour is not likely due to spiders. It is likely due to the "next blog" button featured on the blogger navbar featured on the top of the page. Blogger keeps track of recently published blogs. When people are searching for random blogs to read, they often hit the next blog button. Blogger randomly chooses to load a recently published blog. If you check these referrals, they will often say that these visitors navigated from another blogspot address. I have checked these 'referrals' in the past, and have not seen any link to my page, thus I have surmised that it must be due to the 'next blog' function.

I had thought of that! I'll bet that's it. Yes, most of the hits are from other blogspot addresses that don't seem to have a direct link to me. I still wonder why multiple posts seem like they might trigger a disproportionately larger number of hits.

One such referral I got today came from a blog called Thoughts on Judaism. Interesting blog.

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