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Friday, September 2

Truth finding - Evacuation Disrupted by Gunshot Report

I have read in different places about fireman, police and rescuers being shot at. I also read about helicopters being shot at. Apparently, the shots (except one) fired at helicopters might not have happened.

I think this is where my frustration about finding the truth comes in. It's difficult to find. It's difficult to express. Communication routinely disrupts it. A person can see guns, tell the next one, and by the time the 5th person hears about it, it's someone being fired at. It's not some horrible racist plot. It's just a fact about communication.

Then there's statements like this:

"In other words, it was probably just a rock, if anything. But that won't stop the racists for citing this story as a reason to just let the refugees rot."

I haven't heard anyone suggest that people should be left to rot! However, if some refugees are endangering rescuers, extra resources will be needed to help them (or at least the ones NOT firing at rescuers).

I would truly be disappointed if the President and other government leaders didn't have more accurate information than I do about this. I doubt they're basing their decisions on rumors although they, like all people, make mistakes.

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