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Thursday, September 29

Twenty degrees cooler... ahhhhh

Today's high is going to be 20 degrees cooler than the high for yesterday. I have long loved rain and clouds, but I don't remember being quite so happy to see them as this time around. The record breaking highs earlier in the week probably have something to do with this. It's supposed to be fall. Someone apparently forgot to tell the weather man until today. It's been more like August than September.

We could have used some of that rain from Rita last weekend. My plants and lawn are looking pretty thirsty.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice and cool for the upcoming weekend. I'm really looking forward to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo. The page doesn't seem to be working right for me at the moment, but for those of you in the area, I'll describe what I remember when I was browsing through the activities the other day. I saw that they had everything from fishing, archering, and shooting, to kayaking, wild game tasting, and a chance to pet a live alligator (or was that a crocodile?) There are free buses from Highland Mall. I read somewhere that there's a long walk from the parking lot to the activities, so coolers aren't a good idea. Anyway, it sounds like fun.

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