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Friday, September 23

What Harm Religion?

I don't think that harm is something caused by religious beliefs only. There are certainly examples of great harm done by non-religious beliefs too. I'll post those as I come across them:

Starved and beaten with nails: Kinshasa's young 'witches' cast out by slum preachers

One child "sorcerer" is 12-year-old Jean, who wears a torn vest, red shorts and scuffed bedroom slippers. They are his only possessions. The squalor of Matonge slum has been his home ever since he was cast out. His alleged crime was to have placed a fatal curse on his grandmother. Even before her death, Jean's uncle and aunt were already waging a vendetta against him, accusing him of witchcraft or kindoki.

Pastors demand cars and cash from their flock

Worshippers are told that, if they wish to become rich, they should hand over much of what they own to their pastor. This act of generosity will, apparently, be rewarded three or four times over in the future.

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