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Wednesday, October 12

The Egg Came First

For a long time I've thought this was a misleading question:
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It implies that first there was "nothing" and then an egg or a chicken just appeared out of nowhere. I believed some "almost chickens" got together and through some sort of mutation created an egg that then produced a chicken. I didn't think very carefully about it, so I confused the question with how the first bird came to be. I think that was from some "almost birds" mating and mutating and producing the first bird egg. The thing I wonder is how did the first egg come to be?


MC said...

If you are looking for an answer with a biological spin to it, then you are indeed asking the question about the origins of sexual reproduction, or meiosis, the process of cell division to produce gametes.

Though it has been nearly ten years since I have studied biology at a post-secondary level, I would likely surmise that the study of of protozoans (single-celled organsisms) would shed some light into your question of "where did the egg come from in the first place?"

If you are looking for a philosophical answer to your query, I am not the person to consult. I fared quite poorly in post-secondary philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Unicellular organisms came first and then it evolved from there to more complex organisms and more complex processes of reproduction.

Philosophically perhaps we can say The Maker is the chicken. :D