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Wednesday, October 5

FPGA Part III - Obvious Obscurity and Spartan 3

After consulting with my favorite geek as to his FPGA requirements, I have a bit better idea about what I should be looking for.

I had been thinking about the Spartan 3 as a starting point when the author of Obvious Obscurity kindly left me a comment with a link to FPGA information on his site.

It has a nice review of the Spartan 3. I wasn't sure what some of it meant (due to my lack of background knowledge), but I understood enough for it to be useful. The comparison of the Diligent with the XESS board really helped me start getting a feel for what different features there might be (beyond the FPGA itself) and which might be more or less useful.

*I have several favorite geeks. He knows which one he is.

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