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Tuesday, October 25

Thought and Action

I've noticed two aspects lately to writing consistently. One, of course, is actually writing out thoughts. The other is reading or more generally "exploring and information gathering". It seems like I have tended to do lots of one or the other at any particular time. In the last few months, I was trying to do a bit of each, but I think the balance went toward more writing and less research or just less good research. I've been too busy to do much of either for the last few weeks, so I feel particularly lacking in inspiration.

I have plenty of questions as usual. They seem to be the best way of getting my thinking going. I'll attempt some answers as well...

Why do some people get into criticizing idealism and come out sounding like pragmatists?

I'm guessing that the people aren't actually "pragmatists". By pragmatist, I tend to mean a person who has no regard for ideas, intelligence. So-called pragmatists do believe in some "ideas", just also a lot of physical action or "testing" of those ideas as opposed to analyzing and criticizing them without so much testing.

What does "action" mean?
I associate action with physical movement. I don't think it's just "any" kind of movement though. I think acting presupposes having some idea as to what one wants to accomplish. It also involves having some idea as to how to accomplish it.

I think there are few true idealists. Very few people survive without taking some action. Even breathing is an action. Eating is a conscious action. I'm thinking a pragmatist would mean the latter and not be generally concerned with remembering to breathe.

I think people can't really escape thinking or acting, and it's really a matter of each individual thinking and acting as well as possible.

An action might involve talking or writing out ideas. Moving ones lips and tongue and breathing are actions. Using a pen or touching the keys of a typewriter are actions. By themselves, they might not be enough to survive on, but other people may find the ideas useful and even be willing to act to support people who come up with those useful ideas. It's a matter of specialization - hopefully an optimal arrangement of specialization.

Human kind benefits overall from people specializing in different areas - whether actions, ideas, or just particular kinds of actions and ideas. I could go on exploring about this a lot longer - especially exploring the subject of "testing" and "creativity", but then I'd be neglecting the keyboarding type actions which tend to result in my making money...

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