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Monday, November 7

Around Austin - Part I

Although I have lived in the Austin area all of my life (except for a short time before I was 2 years old), but I hadn't been inside the Capitol building since I was a kid. I've walked around on the grounds since then but somehow never made it inside...

A friend came in from out-of-town a few weeks ago, so I took advantage of it as an opportunity to finally make it inside. The building itself wasn't terribly exciting, but I had a great time taking pictures and wandering around looking at things inside. I think it's cool that the building is made of "pink" granite.

I browsed the gift shop and found a nifty packet of seeds for red bluebonnets. Weird, I know. I'm curious to see how they turn out. I've always had a special fondness for bluebonnets, roses, and daisies. Roses - my grandma would often (and still does) take me outside to help tend her plants and look at her roses. She has a contagious enthusiasm for them. Daisies - I remember my father giving me a bunch when I was a little girl. We were very close then and they remind me of that feeling of being loved. I don't have any particularly special memories of bluebonnets, but this is Texas. They're part of the symbolism of the Texas attitude of independence, self-reliance, and friendliness. Plus, I just love the idea of a blue flower.

The only problem with the red ones is that I'll have to be careful about putting them too close to my true bluebonnets. It seems blue is dominant and the red will eventually cross pollinate with them and become blue after some generations. It's a bit disappointing because I think the red and blue mixed together will be lovely, but I don't want to have to keep re-planting the red ones. Then again, up until now, I didn't know red ones existed.

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