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Saturday, December 31

Living Consciously

As usual during the end of a year, I am thinking about what I've done this year and what I want to do next year and preparing for my ritual of writing out my goals for the next year. I don't know why I keep doing it every year. I rarely look at them again until the next year. It's amusing to see what I wrote the year before and think about whether I've accomplished them. I'd like this year's ritual to be a bit more meaningful for the rest of the year, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that.

I'm wondering if the problem is that I usually have some rather general goals - like exercising more and eating healthier or listening more to people or being more selective about the information I share with others. Oddly, even though I've completely forgotten them by the next year, I often find that I have indeed made progress on some of them - at least on the "spiritual" type things. It's the more physical things that I don't seem to accomplish. Maybe physical things need to be more explicit. Maybe, also, I need to have fewer of them. I forget them if there are too many.

One year, I tried to map out monthly goals for the year. Of course, I didn't look at them much after that, but I keep thinking about it. It seems like it would be better to have shorter term goals that work towards the longer term ones. Maybe I could have some resolutions like - "Set and accomplish a new goal each month." I could have one for different areas - physical well being, family relationships, community/political. That seems complicated. Maybe I could choose a goal in such a way that it would improve things in all areas or multiple areas at once. Like "Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week with family and neighbor".

Well, I'm off to ponder my resolutions a bit more, but first, a side note:

A friend recently shared a few links to articles about prioritizing and procrastinating. I hope to comment on them more later, but I'll just share them for now:

The 50-30-20 Rule


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