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Saturday, December 31

Religion - A Closed System

An old post from September 30, 2005 that I never got around to finishing or publishing...

I've often been told that Buddhism is an atheistic belief system. I've been very skeptical of this claim. The information I've come across seemed to contain a fair amounts of mysticism. I'd love to find a "mostly good" system of belief that was fixable (open).


... If one attains mystical insight by divine intervention (which the Buddhists call Jhana), it is likely to result in a closed system of thought, meaning a system that claims to possess all the necessary knowledge for proper conduct of life. These systems naturally tend to be dogmatic, for who would have the temerity to question the divine?

Buddhism teaches that there are two distinct types of knowledge (vidyas): "Lower" knowledge, or knowledge acquired through the intellect and "higher" knowledge, or that acquired through intuition. This is a special, insightful kind of seeing that the Mahayana Buddhists call prajna; it claims to penetrate into the very nature of existence. Through prajna, the Buddhist hopes to attain insight into reality that would not be obtainable by reason.

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Sadiq M. Alam said...

It is a wrong conception of Religion mostly laid down from the control of church that make the religion closed. Religion was never meant to be closed, rather it is suppose to liberate human being.

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