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Thursday, January 5

Religion is a closed system

Sadiq M. Alam said...
It is a wrong conception of Religion mostly laid down from the control of church that make the religion closed. Religion was never meant to be closed, rather it is suppose to liberate human being.

I welcome u to read from this site:



I'm sorry to say I don't have time to look at all these links right now, but I wanted to save them here in a post for future reference. I look forward to checking them out.

I agree that some religions can be fairly open to new understandings of truth in many ways. However, most have at least a few fundamental "truths" which are supposed to be accepted. Not all of them are the same from one religion to another or even within one branch of a religion and another. Most religions include a supernatural God as part of those accepted beliefs and try to claim to have their God's support in their beliefs.

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I'm skeptical that you or anyone else really knows what was "intended" by the invention of religion or modern religion. There are many differing views of what a religion is.

That said, it doesn't matter what religion intends so much as what it does. Religion having the "intent" to liberate doesn't mean it actually does liberate people. It has contributed to both liberation and oppression of people.

What does matter is that people are open minded and seek truth and goodness. Religion is a distraction. It might have protected us from the idea that people can't know anything but it also takes the focus away from figuring out what's good and puts it on "what some deity or text says is true and good".

By open minded, I mean a person is willing to give up ANY belief if there is good cause to think it wrong. In addition, I would suggest that it means that a person would have a personal commitment to actively challenging each of of their own beliefs - especially the ones they feel most reluctant to give up.

It could be that it isn't actually good for everyone to be so open minded. Maybe we need some people to just dig in and do the conventional thing because if we're ALL sitting around thinking and working out the best ideas, we'd all starve...


Leo said...

"I would suggest that it means that a person would have a personal commitment to actively challenging each of of their own beliefs - especially the ones they feel most reluctant to give up."

I think there might be a serious danger here.

Becky said...

Challenging beliefs doesn't have to be any more dangerous than holding onto old wrong ones.

They don't "have" to give their belief up. They can decidee that their old belief is fine. They can decide they want to give it up but aren't quite sure how. They can give it up gradually, carefully testing out the validity of new beliefs.

Leo said...

Ok, I'm going to be more straighforward, feel free to erase this if you wish.

It's by challenging beliefs they pedophiles are born. I'm utterly convinced that it was that same criticism process you-know-who learned with you-know-who that sent him to wrong perverted paths.

HiThere said...

Monotheistic religions, Christianity, and Islam especially are closed in the sense the "story of redemption" is a complete story that is self-referent and self-reinforcing.
Christianity: people need forgiveness and only Jesus can provide that. People are not able to live right without the Holy Spirit, they need Jesus to provide the holy Spirit. Living right is also defined by Jesus and the Spirit through the document that supports the Christian faith. People are not needed for anything except accepting the faith or rejecting it.
The Muslim faith is, I believe, a similar in its closed system and believer choice.
The Buddhist faith is open. It is a story of enlightenment and not of forgiveness.
The difference between the closed and open systems is the role a human plays.