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Saturday, January 28

What does a baby know?

While out at a restaurant one night, I heard a baby crying. By the sound of the crying, I knew the baby had to be not much older than newborn. I tried to explain to my companion how I could tell. The cry was unrestrained. An older baby's cry sounds intentional. I don't know if that's actually the difference.

I watched the baby for a bit to see if I could tell anything else about him/her. The parent showed the baby a stuffed toy and attached it to the carrier. The baby waved his/her arm around a bit and sucked a fist, confirming that he/she wasn't very old. I can't remember exactly when a typical baby tends to intentionally grasp objects, but I think it's around 3 to 4 months. How it is that some newborn babies can get their fist or thumb to their mouth and yet seem unaware of their hands?

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Leo said...

I guess it's just a reflex. Or they have hand-mouth coordination but not hand-eye coordination yet. Our 3D reality takes a while to understand.