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Monday, February 13

War is Over (Happy Christmas) - Warning (Link points to some disturbing images)

For those sensitive about imagery, I found another no graphic version of the song.

I know it's well past Christmas, but this song has been on a continous loop lately in my brain. Some people find it annoying to repeat a song over and over like this in their mind. I usually enjoy it. I think of it as a song craving. The only problem sometimes is finding the song I want to hear.

Happy Christmas was one such song craving. I looked all over online for a version of it to listen to. I didn't know what the lyrics were all about. I just thought it sounded sort of sad and a bit optimistic too. It seemed exactly how I tend to feel about the holiday. It's really not my favorite holiday.

As soon as I did a search, I realized the song had more to the title - War is Over. It took a little longer than usual, but I finally dug up a link where I could listen to the whole song to my heart's content. As usual when I'm satisfying a song craving, I looked up the lyrics too so I could sing along. (I really do love to sing and listening to a song several times is a good way to learn it).

Between the video and the lyrics, I found it a bit overwhelming. I couldn't watch it all at first. Then I thought that if the people in the videos could endure living it, I owed it to them to not avoid it. I understand that some people who are particularly visual can't seem to shut off such images. I can, though, so I don't really have an excuse.

I have long been opposed to appealing to emotion in persuasion. I've come to think lately, though, that there's a difference between relying on emotion as an argument and taking an emotion into account when making a decision. Avoiding images like that, for me, would be failing to take important information into account.

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